Winter has gone and Spring is here, with everyone dreaming about having some drinks in the garden with a BBQ. However, before any of that can happen there is that old tradition…Spring Cleaning. It’s time to do all those tedious tasks that you have been putting off all winter and get everything organised for the Summer ahead.

This goes the same for your marketing, you need to complete a whole review of your marketing strategy to check everything is spic and span before the summer arrives. Creationz Marketing is going to share a few things for you to go away and check before summer comes.

Check your Marketing Audit: This should be done across the whole board – Web and Print. Is your branding consistent across all platforms? Are you actively and regularly using social media? Is your printed marketing still in good condition? These are the sort of questions you need to begin to ask yourself to ensure that your business is ready for a strong summer.

Is social taking up your time? Having social media in your marketing strategy can often feel like you are juggling too many balls at once, and it becomes very hard to stay consistent across the board. If this is the case, there are scheduling tools that are available to you which allow you to schedule a week’s worth of content in just under an hour. Leaving you with plenty of free time to be social, liking, commenting and joining in the conversation.

Take the rubbish out: When building a business, it is common that you will come up with a number of different ideas of how to expand and grow. This often leads to a lot of great things; however, it can also lead to things that really don’t end up working. Start to look at these things and ask yourself is it working? Is it having the desired outcome that you had hoped? If not get rid of it, this can be hard to do as you have spent time on things, but it may be the case that your time could be better spent elsewhere.

Go Shopping: If your marketing strategy is outdated, incomplete or just lacking something intriguing then think about shopping around for some new designers or marketing specialists. Getting new marketing material made on a regular basis is crucial in an effective strategy as you need to stay fresh and new in the eyes of your audience. A marketing specialist can help with integrating a social media strategy, building a new website, creating a business blog, or doing a complete brand rework.

Tidy-up your website: It is no secret that sometimes we often neglect our websites, leaving it at the back of the queue of jobs to do. But if you let much-needed changes fall through the cracks, your website can easily collect dust and damage your brand. With all that has happened in the last year the chances are a lot of things that have changed within your business. It may be something has small as opening hours being different or a complete rebrand. Either way these changes need to be obvious throughout your website.

Organise your inbox: When you are a busy business owner things like emails, paperwork and other documents pile up. It is easy to become disorganised, emails stack up, and before you know if your inbox is a disaster. Use the Spring clean as an opportunity to purge into your inbox. Yes, it is a brain-numbing job and very time-consuming, but you’ll feel a lot more organised once the job is done.

Spring cleaning your marketing and workspace can make you feel refreshed and organized. Not only will your workplace look better, but you might also feel better, too. Creationz are always here to help with any questions or issues you may have! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.