Social Media – Not just a numbers game

As with all marketing activity, you need to be able to monitor the return on investment and where Social Media is concerned this has usually been by recording the number of followers etc. for each account.

But, it is not just a numbers game!

In recent months I have lost count of a number of times I have heard “I have 1,000+ followers on social media” when asking if social media is working.  That’s great, but how many are you actually engaging with and how many are promoting your brand & sharing your content?

Whilst I appreciate you need to have a certain level of followers to be seen as credible by other users, if there is no engagement then you are in effectively talking to yourself.

Hands up if you have followed Facebook pages and twitter accounts but then not visited again?  We all have, it is normal behaviour but we must remember that Social Media is all about joining in conversations & being social so this is why engagement is so important.

You can still monitor the number of followers but make sure you add a metric to record the number of people who have engaged with your posts in the past week/month as this will show you how you can grow and develop a successful campaign.

Further Tips:

  • Make sure you know what channels your client base use on social media and spend efforts on these channels
  • Don’t just follow everyone to boost your own followers.
  • Follow related accounts that add a benefit to your business
  • Engage, Engage, Engage – make your social media count!  
  • You need to engage with others as this helps raise your profile!

Still unsure how you can improve your engagement? Our next article “How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts” will share tips and tricks that get results.

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