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Last week I spoke at two different events on 5 ways to market your business on a budget as we often find that businesses concentrate on the big-ticket marketing items such as new websites, Google Ads etc and often forget about the simple things they can do to help their marketing efforts.

At each event, the point that resonated the most was using our email footers more effectively.

Be honest – when was the last time you updated your email footer?

Most of us have an email footer that contains our name, address and links to our website and possibly our social media accounts but our footer can do so much more:

  • Promote your latest Blog,
  • Share an event you are hosting/speaking at,
  • Share your LinkedIn profile,
  • Share a different product/service of your website,
  • Encourage sign-ups for your newsletter
  • Share your latest offer,
  • Share a recent testimonial

The key to utilising your email footer is to change it ofter and to make the change really stand out. Give people a reason to find out more about you or to invest in what you are offering.

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As you can see from the image above, we use p.s below as a signpost for different aspects of the business – this will change in colour, style and content every few weeks. At the minute we are promoting our new FREE Facebook Group but have promoted our articles, new staff members, services and offers.

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We will also use a number of links if there is a lot going on – changing your email footer is relatively simple to do, will not cost the earth and can help get your marketing messages out to the right audience.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how email footers can work for you –


p.s. We are hosting a 1/2 Day Training Course on 20 Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget.

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