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Why I Ran the Derby 10K for Safe and Sound and How it Can Relate to Marketing

On Sunday 10th of April 2022, I put on my trainers and joined thousands of other runners for the Derby County Community Trust, Derby 10k. I raced in order to raise money for Derbyshire based child exploitation charity Safe and Sound. I would like to thank all those who donated generously as I was able to raise over £600 for this incredible cause.

Whilst working at Creationz Marketing I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Safe and Sound, supporting them with their marketing, so I know first-hand how much passion and drive their incredible team put into the work they carry out across Derby and Derbyshire daily. Whilst working with them I have gained both an insight and understanding of how vital it is they are able to carry on providing their services to children and young people who are affected by exploitation. 

You can still donate to my fundraiser here.

So, you may be wonder what has running got to do with marketing? I personally believe they’re both very similar for a number of ways:

You need to set a clear goal

Before setting out on a run or planning a marketing campaign you must consider what you want to achieve and establish clear a goal. I personally believe your goal should be a key driving factor for your performance, ensure it is ambitious enough to motivate you, whilst keeping it realistic to avoid being unable to achieve your goal which will leave you feeling deflated.

You should have a strategy to achieve this goal

Just like every good campaign, a run needs a strategy! In both marketing and running a great strategy can give you something consistent to work from and to hold yourself accountable to throughout the process. It can also help you position yourself and gain understanding of where you sit amongst your competitors, this can allow you to seek ways to better your current position and work effectively. 

Why I Ran the Derby 10K for Safe and Sound and How it Can Relate to Marketing

Do you need help creating an effective marketing strategy?

At Creationz Marketing, we work with you to fact-find your goals, audiences and channels used for communication and complete a full audit of your existing marketing activity. We then take on board your requirements and available budgets to compose a detail marketing strategy you can implement – or we can implement on your behalf. Call us today on 0115 8376260, to learn more.

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