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Marketing is an essential part of every business and plans and ideas constantly change. New ideas can take time to develop, cost time and money and that’s before there are any rewards. A Power Hour with our Marketing Team at the start of a project can really help to ensure you have all your ducks in a row and you understand what your new idea really needs.

At Creationz, we offer a range of Power Hours, these Power Hours are designed to focus entirely on your business to help create a plan to market your business effectively within your budget. If you are wanting to do your own marketing but need some advice and help, our Power Hours can guide you.

These Sessions are ideal for:

  • New Business Start-Ups
  • Business Owners looking to get clarity on their marketing activity
  • Businesses looking to change how they currently market
  • Business Owners looking to try a new form of marketing to work alongside existing efforts.

So how does a Power Hour work?

Once you book a Power Hour, we schedule time in the diary to work with you to help move your plans forward. We will ask you for the main focus you want to cover on the call so we can do some prep work for you.

On the call, you will discuss the project, and we will spend time to help you craft a marketing plan to ensure all bases are covered. We will then give you our advice and tips to ensure success. We will also put everything in writing so you have a working document. We will also give you a follow-up call a week after the Power Hour to see how you are getting on.

Power Hours can also help with:

Sense Checking

If you are looking to set up a new marketing activity a Power Hour can help sense check if it is right for your business.

We can help run through all the essentials and make sure everything is covered to assess the viability of the idea. We are all Marketing Magpies, by taking the time before you invest time, money, and effort, you can be sure you are spending effort in the right places.

Planning a new activity
When planning a new activity, it is easy to fall down the trap of paying extra for things you may not need. We can help run through whether this marketing activity will be beneficial for your business and what its true costs/fees are. We help you break down the steps you need to take and what resources are required to ensure you are spending time and efforts in the right places to help your business.

Marketing Planning for the month
A Power Hour can help you plan ahead. This is necessary as you have to always be one step forward! Once you have your month planned out, you’re not sitting around thinking of ideas on the day on what to do. Got all the ideas, but don’t know how to join them up? We can help link your marketing activities together! There is no point in writing a blog if no one is going to see it, but do you know how to correctly market it for more people to see it? We can give you a step-by-step process on how to link up your marketing together for your business.

Training in marketing
Our Power Hour sessions will allow you to tap into over 20 Years of marketing experience working in a wealth of industries and includes both non-digital and digital expertise. Get the skills you and your team need to ensure your marketing is successful.

Book a power hour today – and see how Creationz can help you. If you have any questions, please call the team on 0115 8376 260 or email

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