Attention all LinkedIn users who share external links! There’s been a recent update to the platform that you need to be aware of.

LinkedIn is now rolling out a change that reduces the size of image previews for links shared in organic posts. This means the eye-catching visuals that used to grab attention in your feed will now appear much smaller.

Why the Change?

According to LinkedIn, this update aims to encourage users to:

  • Post native content: They want users to create content directly on LinkedIn using features like LinkedIn articles and direct updates.
  • Increase sponsored content usage: Sponsored posts will still retain the larger preview image size, potentially incentivizing users to pay to promote their content.

What Does This Mean for You?

While the smaller thumbnails might not be ideal for click-through rates, it doesn’t mean you have to stop sharing external links altogether. Here are some ways to adapt your LinkedIn posting strategy:

  • Focus on high-quality headlines and descriptions: Since the visuals won’t be as prominent, craft compelling headlines and summaries that pique users’ interest and encourage them to click on your link.
  • Consider creating custom thumbnails: While LinkedIn doesn’t allow uploading custom thumbnails for link previews, you can create a visually appealing image related to your content and share it directly within your post along with the link.
  • Experiment with native content: Consider creating LinkedIn articles or direct updates that summarize the key points of the external content you want to share. This keeps users engaged within the platform.

Here are the new link preview image dimensions to keep in mind:

  • Minimum: 360 x 640 pixels
  • Maximum: 2430 x 4320 pixels

The Takeaway

By being aware of this change and adapting your strategy, you can still leverage the power of LinkedIn to share valuable external content and connect with your professional network. Remember, strong headlines, informative descriptions, and well-crafted visuals (even within your post) can still grab attention and drive engagement, even with the smaller preview size.