Last week Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp went down for close to 7 hours. You couldn’t miss it…it was on every news channel going, you would have thought the world was ending with the coverage it got.

Clients started to ring us to see what was happening and why they couldn’t post or communicate with their pages & audiences.

A one-off?

No…did you notice that Facebook also went down again Friday night for about 2 hours??? Now it was a Friday night, we are all either out celebrating the weekend or spending time with family so not as bad you might think…or is it!

But what does this mean for your business?

One of the biggest things for us at Creationz is the number of clients that rely on social media platforms to communicate with their audiences. 

It doesn’t bear thinking about, but what if the shutdown was permanent? No more Facebook!!No more Instagram!!No more Whatsapp!! Could you still communicate with your clients?Do you encourage your social media contacts to join your mailing list? Now is a really good time to stop and think about how you leverage your clients from social media into your own CRM systems – that way you OWN the conversation and you have strong foundations to build client relationships with. Our top tips to help leverage clients from social media into your CRM system:

  1. Audit your social media usage for your business – if you are not sure we can help with our Power Hour service to help you plan your marketing communications.
  2. Consider using Lead Magnets – give something of value in return for an email address on all social media channels – see an example here
  3. Run competitions where they have to do something.
  4. Take social traffic to your website and make sure there is content that captures their imagination. Get them to do something, fill a form in, sign up to newsletters etc.
  5. Join our Marketing For Success Group for lots of handy hints and tips on moving your audience from social to your CRM.

With two outages in one week, you can be sure that more will follow.

If you have time this week to boost your marketing efforts, audit your current social media usage and ask yourself – could you market your business to your audience if social media was not available?

If there is anything in particular you would like some handy hints and tips on then just reply to this email. We are happy to help!

Kind Regards

Claire Taylor, Director, Creationz Marketing, Nottingham, Marketing Agency


p.s We are running a free webinar on the 19th of October all about the power of video and how your website and social media can benefit. Register your place today

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