As the UK is now in lockdown due to Coronavirus, your businesses may have shut the doors temporarily or working from home. Now is the perfect time to focus on your marketing. This is especially important as everyone is stuck indoors so people will be online!

Had an idea for an article but not had the time to write it?

Had an idea for a free guide/checklist but time has been limited?

Now is the time to start! Just remember that times have changed, and you may need to adapt your messages.

Do I need to change the overall message I send out?

Yes, when marketing, you have to change the message you send out making sure it Is appropriate to the circumstances we are facing and your audience. Therefore, during this period, you need to ask yourself if it is right to send out sales posts when a) you cannot offer the service in the same way or b) your customers are not buying at the minute.

I was reminded last week that there are 3 phases to this pandemic – Survival, Maintaining and Emergence – whilst we are still in survival, getting to grips with our businesses, we need to write content that covers each of these stages. Think future, not just the here and now.

Survival – how is the business different, what can you offer, reassurance for clients

Maintenance – your customers’ needs to know you are still here and how you can help

Emergence – How you are changing and adapting your business to benefits your clients

Just take a few minutes and watch the adverts – you will soon notice how the advertisers have all adapted very quickly to ensure they are not promoting goods and services like holidays & luxury items, etc that people cannot book or would be very reluctant to book.

The Tesco advert this morning was all about how they are working with the social distancing rules and changing how we shop to keep customers, staff and employees safe – giving peace of mind.

Think about how you could change your messages – here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Your opening hours and how you are working differently.
  • How you can help customers, whilst they are in lockdown.
  • Sending positive/supportive messages – be the go-to person.
  • Inform and update with anything new in the news relating to your industry.
  • Appropriate articles & guides that your customers may need
  • Offers of help – free zoom calls, ask the expert, etc
  • Be more human – showcase pictures of your team and say Thank You to your staff!
  • Explore different images and platforms
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions – improve customer services

Times are changing and they are changing fast. We cannot all carry on marketing our businesses in the same way and expect the same results.

We are now utilising Zoom for virtual meetings and last week we ran our first training sessions virtually. Great to see we can adapt and busy writing a lot of helpful advice for you over the next few weeks.

Remember, everyone is using social media and searching online very differently at the minute – ask yourself how you could capitalise on this that will help your business succeed.

Need more help to market your business?

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