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Archive news

25 Jul 2018

Social Media - Not just a numbers game

As with all marketing activity, you need to be able to monitor the return on investment and where Social Media is concerned this has usually been by recording the number of followers etc. for each account. But, Social Media is not just a numbers game! In recent months I have lost ... (click to read more)

01 May 2018

Do I Really Need a Marketing Plan?

We are often asked if it is important for a business to have a marketing plan and the honest answer is YES! How do you know if your marketing efforts are successful if there is no plan or any monitoring of the return on investment? Time ... (click to read more)

11 Mar 2018

Making LinkedIn Work For Your Business - 27th March 2018

When: 27th March 2018 Time: 1.30pm - 5.00pm Location: Suite 2a, City House, 96a High Road, Beeston, NG9 2LF Would you like to get more out of LinkedIn? Are you using it correctly to get the most out it for your business? If so, then our 1/2 day workshop is just ... (click to read more)

01 Feb 2018

New Office Move for Creationz Marketing

February has been an exciting month for Creationz Marketing. We have taken the step of moving into our new office suite inside City House on Beeston High Road. We now have a dedicated training room to run our own Social Media & Marketing training courses onsite and the new ... (click to read more)

01 Dec 2017

Are your Social Media Accounts Festive Enough...

The festive season is upon us and a perfect opportunity to get a little creative with your social media accounts. December is a busy month for Christmas Parties, events and ensuring work is finished for the year but don't neglect your social media accounts this month. We thought we would ... (click to read more)

21 Oct 2017

Marketing Masterclass Planning Workshop - 6th December 2017

We speak to a number of businesses who have no plan/strategy for their marketing efforts and it makes it very difficult to work out what is working and what is not when efforts are reactive instead of proactive. With this in mind we are running our popular Marketing Masterclass ... (click to read more)

24 Aug 2017

Are You Promoting Your Social Media Accounts?

Hello and welcome to our latest blog post on promoting social media accounts. I have attended a number of networking events across the East Midlands over the past few months and the one thing has really struck me is the sheer number of marketing materials I have collected ... (click to read more)

20 Aug 2017

Are You A Marketing Magpie?

Hands up... do you get swayed by the latest marketing tool, platform or fad? We all want to try the latest shiny gadget and gismo to stand out from the crowd. Don't worry, you are not alone! We are truly experiencing a fun and interesting time to be involved in ... (click to read more)

13 Aug 2017

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

Hello and welcome to our first blog of our "Marketing 5" series where we share our 5 top tips to help you get ahead in marketing your business. We are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes to supercharge their marketing efforts without breaking the budget. In this blog, ... (click to read more)

02 Aug 2017

When Did You Last Audit Your Social Media Activity?

Is social media a successful part of your marketing plan? Are you spending time on the right platforms? The simple answer is you won't know unless you carry out regular audits of your accounts. The summer months often prove to be a good time to do this ... (click to read more)

31 Jul 2017

Going on Summer holiday - Don't forget your social media

Are you looking forward to your summer holidays? Don't forget your Social Media... I bet your social media accounts are not high on your priority list before you go off on holiday but it is essential you keep things ticking over whilst you are away. Remember, social media ... (click to read more)

14 Apr 2017

Do You Have A Marketing Strategy?

As the new financial year gets underway, have you made a conscious effort to write a marketing strategy for the year ahead? If not, how do you know the marketing activity you are doing is in the best interests of your business? The simple answer is you don't! Whilst visiting ... (click to read more)

03 Apr 2017

Meet the Latest Member of the Creationz Team

We thought it was about time to introduce you to the latest member of the Creationz Marketing team… Tina Byford who joins the team to provide a new dimension to the business. Tina has over 25 years of experience within a Sales & Marketing environment allowing us to ... (click to read more)

10 Mar 2017

Instagram for Business

I will be honest, i have the Instagram bug - I love sharing my photos with friends and family and it has certainly helped me to become a better photographer. But I was asked recently if I would recommend it as a social network for service industries. It took ... (click to read more)

14 Feb 2017

Social Media Image Sizes - A Quick Guide

When starting out on your socia media journey, it is important to make sure you get the basics right and one of the most common areas I see businesses struggling with is making sure image sizes are correct on each platform. Each platform has a different size for your ... (click to read more)

10 Jan 2017

Why is Social Media not working?

We are noticing an increase in people asking us how they can make social media work for them as they are not seeing any results for the time they are investing. The first thing we do here at Creationz Marketing is audit all of their accounts to see where the ... (click to read more)

07 Dec 2016

Are You Being Festive On Social Media?

The festive season is up on and a perfect opportunity to get a little creative with your social media accounts. December is a busy month for Christmas parties, events and ensuring work is finished for the year but don't neglect your social media accounts this month. We thought we would ... (click to read more)

02 Nov 2016

Do You Struggle With What To Post On Social Media?

Do you often struggle to know what to post on social media? If yes, you are not alone! I frequently speak to new clients and the biggest headache for them is what to post and when. This is where Creationz Marketing can help. We have put together ... (click to read more)

03 Oct 2016

Need a Guiding Hand Planning Your Social Media?

Do you need a guiding hand to implement your social media strategy and engage with your followers online? When talking to clients about Social Media we are regularly asked how we can make it easy for people to keep a record of their strategy and a plan of action for ... (click to read more)

31 Jul 2016

Top Tips for a Winning LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn - Top Tips to Make your Profile Count... I am always asked what tips I can pass on to make the most of all social media platforms as it is important that profiles are considered and completed fully to showcase you and your business in the best possible light. For ... (click to read more)

10 Jan 2016

New Social Media Management Packages from Creationz Marketing

We all like to be social these days but Social Media is more than just having a profile on the latest platform. It is important that businesses work out what they want to achieve and set clear goals to actually use Social Media to benefit the ... (click to read more)

24 Aug 2015

A Week Without Social Media

So. I spend most of my working day on social media looking after clients accounts and my own profiles (and a lot in the evenings too!!!) and normally I am glued to social media whilst on holiday. This year I thought I needed a complete break and ... (click to read more)

16 Jan 2015

Creationz Marketing Delighted to Support Lighthouse Charity -Living Without Abuse

Nottingham based Creationz Marketing are delighted to sponsor a Blanket for the Lighthouse Charity - Living Without Abuse & Community Trust Foundation as part of the WIBN UK Winter initiative. Members of the WIBN network joined forces to sponsor a blanket each. Blankets were distributed during December & ... (click to read more)

02 Jan 2015

The social side of Strawberry Lettings and Sales

The social side of Strawberry Lettings and Sales, Leicestershire So someone asked me the other day what effect social media has had on our business. Tempted as I was to gush out all of the great ... (click to read more)

16 Sep 2014

Facebook Testing Expiry Dates on Posts

Facebook Expiry Dates - Is It of Benefit? As recently reported, Facebook has been testing the use of Expiry Dates on posts. This "pilot" is only open to a select few and contained on the IPhone app at present but I can see this being a useful option if you ... (click to read more)

22 Aug 2014

Greggs - How to Manage a Social Media Attack

Having just returned from holiday, I was interested to read of how Greggs the Bakers had turned a PR nightmare into a success with a well-executed response to an online attack. After having its online Google profile hacked and an offensive logo visible for all to see, thousands of users ... (click to read more)

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Marketing Planning - What would you like to achieve this week?

Marketing Planning - what would you like to achieve this week? We would love to hear what is on your to-d...

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Are Testimonials Important...

Why It Is Important to Receive Testimonials for your Business! Testimonials and reviews are extremely importa...

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Do you know your numbers???

Do you know your numbers? You are all geared up for marketing your business in 2019, everything is in...

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Marketing Planning Masterclass - 24th January 2019

*** Only 4 Places Available *** How's your Marketing Plan going for 2019? We speak to a number of businesses w...

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Social Media - Not just a numbers game

As with all marketing activity, you need to be able to monitor the return on investment and where Social Media is concer...

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