Unlock Your Best Marketing Year Yet: Join Our Marketing Masterclass 2024!

Unlock Your Best Marketing Year Yet: Join Our Marketing Masterclass 2024!

Join us for an interactive and informative workshop on marketing planning, where we will dive deep into the key aspects of creating a successful marketing plan. Marketing planning is crucial for any business, big or small, to achieve success in today’s competitive market.

A well-thought-out and strategic plan can make all the difference in reaching your target audience, increasing sales, and ultimately growing your business. Without a clear plan, you may find yourself lost and struggling to make an impact in the market. In this workshop, we will guide you through the benefits of having a marketing plan and how it can help you achieve your business goals. We will break down the 12 months into manageable 90-day plans, making it easier for you to stay on track and adapt to any changes in the market. We will also discuss different types of effective marketing strategies and help you tailor them to your business needs.

We understand the importance of budgeting and will share tips and tricks on how to market your business on a budget. Knowing your numbers is crucial for making informed decisions, and we will guide you on how to analyse and utilize your data to create a successful marketing plan.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of how to prioritize your business needs and set realistic, achievable goals. We will also provide you with tools and templates to monitor your return on investment and ensure your marketing efforts are paying off. This is not just a workshop; it’s an opportunity to work on your business and gain clarity about your marketing strategy. Our aim is to help you be more focused and provide you with practical tools to effectively plan your marketing activities.

You will receive a complimentary workbook and all course materials to help you formulate a plan for your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your marketing game and set the stage for success in 2024. Limited spots are available, so secure your spot today. Join us at Creationz Marketing, and let’s work together to make your business more successful.

Workshop Overview

Date: 16/01/2024 | Time: 09:30-13:30 | Location: Creationz Marketing, Suite 2a, City House, 96a High Rd, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2LF:

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Topics Covered:

  • The benefits of a Marketing Plan – why you need a clear strategy.
  • 90-Day Planning – breaking down the 12 months into bite-size pieces.
  • Effective marketing types tailored for your business.
  • Marketing on a budget.
  • Knowing your Numbers.
  • Prioritising business needs.
  • Setting realistic, effective, and achievable goals.
  • Monitoring the return on investment.

Workshop Outcomes:

By the end of this session, you will:

  • Gain clarity and understanding of marketing planning techniques.
  • Possess a variety of written documentation to help you formulate a plan for your business.
  • FREE WORKBOOK: All participants will receive a complimentary workbook and all course materials.

Why Attend?

This isn’t just a workshop; it’s an opportunity to work ON your business and gain clarity about your marketing strategy. Our focus is on helping you be more focused, providing you with practical tools, and leaving you with all the templates you need to effectively plan your marketing activities.

Limited Spots Available!

To ensure a personalised experience for all participants, we are limiting the workshop to only 5 places. Seize this opportunity to work on your business and get clear about your marketing strategy.

Secure your spot today. Act fast, as there are only 5 places available, ensuring you receive the time and attention needed to get the most out of the content – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/marketing-masterclass-planning-made-simple-for-2024-tickets-763041948007

Everything you need to know about Lead Magnets

Everything you need to know about Lead Magnets

What are lead magnets?

Lead Magnets tend to be exclusive pieces of content that is provided as incentives for the customer to carry out the desired action. (you usually sign up for an email newsletter or provide contact information). Common types of lead magnets include downloadable PDF files, case studies, resource lists, and videos.

Why do they work so well?

You can target them – Instead of giving the same generic “Subscribe to my mailing list” message on every page, you can offer specific incentives for what your visitors saw on that page, meaning they are more likely to convert.

Offers a clear reason to subscribe – Lead magnets give your consumer a genuine reason to subscribe to your mailing list. Rather than just requesting your consumer subscribes to your newsletter with no real incentive, your subscribers know that they’ll get something in return for their email.

Makes your visitor a legitimate lead – When you create a lead magnet you know you will never get a 100% conversion rate, however, you know those that do sign up for it have a genuine interest within your business, allowing you to follow this up. Here’s an example for you:

Download our Free Marketing Marketing Planning Template:

Marketing Planning Workbook - Creationz Marketing, Marketing Agency, Nottingham

Creating a lead magnet in five simple steps:

1. Choose your customer – The biggest mistake marketers make with their Lead Magnets is trying to attract too many people all at once – You want to do the exact opposite. Your Lead Magnet needs to be specific to the people you want it to attract. If your Lead Magnet isn’t relevant to the wants and needs of your buyer persona, they aren’t going to download it. Most companies have several different demographics they want to target; however, each lead magnet should be specific to each one.

2. Identify what you will offer – Once you have identified your customer you need to then decide what value you are going to offer them. The more valuable the content that is offered the more leads are going to be generated. The most valuable thing you can offer is giving the customer something they already need, rather than trying to work out what it is that they want.

3. Give it a name – Now you have decided what piece of value you are going to offer, giving It a name should be easy. It needs to be short and attention-grabbing, sparking your customer’s interest.

4. Choose the type of lead magnet that you will offer – By this point, you probably have a good idea of which type of lead magnet you are going to offer, however, you often have several options to choose from that you can deliver.

To name a few:

guide/report, cheatsheet, toolkit/resource list, video training, free trial, discount, quiz/survey, assessment/test, sales material.

5. Build it – The hard work is done, but you still must work on creating your Lead Magnet. As you work on your Lead Magnet, remember who it’s for the value you want to offer. If you keep those two things in mind, the process will be straightforward.

Of course, if you need any help with anything mentioned above, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at Creationz Marketing.

Good Luck!

Download our Free Marketing Audit Template:

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Creationz Support Derby Charity, Safe and Sound

Creationz Support Derby Charity, Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound logo

We recently joined forces with Little Black Dog to help a local charity. Together we developed a new website for charity Safe and Sound, who raise awareness of child exploitation.

The charity supports children and young people across Derbyshire who are victims of or at risk of child exploitation. Including sexual exploitation, County Lines, Modern Slavery, trafficking, and radicalisation.  Safe and Sound also supports the whole family and brings attention to the risks young people face.

The new website has lots of information and resources for professionals working with young people, parents, and young people themselves. It also has a live chat facility to enable easier access to the charity’s specialist support team.

What Safe and Sound had to say about the project:

Safe and Sound chief executive Tracy Harrison explained: “Our caseload increased by over 50% in 2020 largely since the start of the pandemic. Brought about by young people being socially isolated and therefore particularly vulnerable to online grooming.

It was, therefore, important to have a well-designed and user-friendly website. With a wealth of resources that can be easily accessed by professionals, families, and young people themselves. To raise awareness of the dangers facing young people in our local communities.

It has also given us a platform to better engage with individuals, businesses, organisations, and funders whose support is vital to enable us to work with children as young as seven and their families. 

Child exploitation is not an easy subject to talk about and many young people and their families are actually not aware that they are being targeted by perpetrators – believing that so-called relationships are real.

The truth is that many relationships – particularly online – are far from healthy.  Our message across social media channels throughout the past year has therefore been the importance of robust privacy settings.

We are extremely grateful to both Little Black Dog and Creationz for their support in developing this new website and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Why Creationz Marketing?

We are proud to provide ongoing digital marketing and social media support for Safe and Sound. Having achieved our initial goal of increasing engagement and raising greater awareness of child exploitation across Safe and Sound’s social media channels. We then identified the urgent need for a new website that would be capable of sharing important information and resources with stakeholders and the wider general public.

We then approached Helena at Little Black Dog to help the charity achieve its goal and we are thrilled with the results.

If you would like more information about Safe and Sound please visit https://safeandsoundgroup.org.uk/

Learn more about our Website Design Packages. If you have any questions, please call us on 0115 8376 260 or email info@creationzmarketing.co.uk

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How a Power Hour Can help Your Marketing Plans Grow

How a Power Hour Can help Your Marketing Plans Grow

Marketing Power Hour - Creationz Marketing, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Get Clarity

Marketing is an essential part of every business and plans and ideas constantly change. New ideas can take time to develop, cost time and money and that’s before there are any rewards. A Power Hour with our Marketing Team at the start of a project can really help to ensure you have all your ducks in a row and you understand what your new idea really needs.

At Creationz, we offer a range of Power Hours, these Power Hours are designed to focus entirely on your business to help create a plan to market your business effectively within your budget. If you are wanting to do your own marketing but need some advice and help, our Power Hours can guide you.

These Sessions are ideal for:

  • New Business Start-Ups
  • Business Owners looking to get clarity on their marketing activity
  • Businesses looking to change how they currently market
  • Business Owners looking to try a new form of marketing to work alongside existing efforts.

So how does a Power Hour work?

Once you book a Power Hour, we schedule time in the diary to work with you to help move your plans forward. We will ask you for the main focus you want to cover on the call so we can do some prep work for you.

On the call, you will discuss the project, and we will spend time to help you craft a marketing plan to ensure all bases are covered. We will then give you our advice and tips to ensure success. We will also put everything in writing so you have a working document. We will also give you a follow-up call a week after the Power Hour to see how you are getting on.

Power Hours can also help with:

Sense Checking

If you are looking to set up a new marketing activity a Power Hour can help sense check if it is right for your business.

We can help run through all the essentials and make sure everything is covered to assess the viability of the idea. We are all Marketing Magpies, by taking the time before you invest time, money, and effort, you can be sure you are spending effort in the right places.

Planning a new activity
When planning a new activity, it is easy to fall down the trap of paying extra for things you may not need. We can help run through whether this marketing activity will be beneficial for your business and what its true costs/fees are. We help you break down the steps you need to take and what resources are required to ensure you are spending time and efforts in the right places to help your business.

Marketing Planning for the month
A Power Hour can help you plan ahead. This is necessary as you have to always be one step forward! Once you have your month planned out, you’re not sitting around thinking of ideas on the day on what to do. Got all the ideas, but don’t know how to join them up? We can help link your marketing activities together! There is no point in writing a blog if no one is going to see it, but do you know how to correctly market it for more people to see it? We can give you a step-by-step process on how to link up your marketing together for your business.

Training in marketing
Our Power Hour sessions will allow you to tap into over 20 Years of marketing experience working in a wealth of industries and includes both non-digital and digital expertise. Get the skills you and your team need to ensure your marketing is successful.

Book a power hour today – https://www.creationzmarketing.co.uk/resources/ and see how Creationz can help you. If you have any questions, please call the team on 0115 8376 260 or email info@creationzmarketing.co.uk

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7 Day Marketing Tune-Up Challenge

7 Day Marketing Tune-Up Challenge

Are you marketing your business but not sure of the results you are getting?
Are you spending a lot of money but not concentrating on basics?
Do you want to get to grips with your marketing but unsure where to start?

If so, we have just the thing to help you. Starting on the 4th February 2021, we are running a 7-Day Marketing Tune-Up Challenge to help businesses get to grips with their marketing efforts. Helping you to get clarity and get results you need. Together, we go through 7 effective ways designed for your business.

Over 7 days, you will receive 7 specific emails that look at different aspects of marketing with tips you can implement easily into your business without breaking the bank.

Join us over 7 days where we will be giving you 7 simple, easy to implement marketing tips that won’t break the bank. Our 7 easy to adopt tips:

* Are simple to implement
* Will sharpen your brand 
* Will help you learn new strategies
* Help you step put of our comfort zone – come on join us!

Register Today to start your 7-Day Marketing Tune-up
Starting – 4th February 2021



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20 Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget

20 Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget

20 Ways to Market your Business on a Budget - Creationz Marketing, Marketing Consultants Nottingham

Marketing your business need not cost the earth if you plan and execute strategies effectively. Join us for our next training workshop on the 20th May 2019 at our offices in Beeston for hands-on training designed for you.

When: 20th May 2019
Where: Creationz Marketing, 96a High Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2LF
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm

This half-day traiing will cover tips and tricks to help you market your business without breaking the bank – that will also make a difference to your business.

Simply, effective techniques are explored in detail so you can take them away and implement immediately.

Book your place today – only 4 places available