The David and Goliath Battle: Aldi’s Copycat Tactics Leave Small Business Feeling Cheesed Off

The David and Goliath Battle: Aldi’s Copycat Tactics Leave Small Business Feeling Cheesed Off

Lots of stories in the new have caught my attention but none more so that the David and Goliath battle in the frozen desserts aisle and it really got me thinking – is your brand bigger than your reputation?

When Aldi took on M&S over the saga of “Colin the Caterpillar”, Aldi seemed to get a lot of positive media support but how quickly it can all change. Aldi now seem to be in the firing line and their reputation is being called into question.

In the world of business, it’s not uncommon to see the giants of industry flexing their muscles, often at the expense of smaller players. But when does competition cross the line into blatant imitation? One small business is finding itself in a classic David and Goliath battle after supermarket chain Aldi allegedly copied one of its flagship products.

The product in question? Freezecakes – a dessert brand from Pleese. These frozen cheesecakes have been making waves in the dessert aisle, delighting customers and available from the Co-Op and Waitrose. But, Pleese’s joy turned to dismay when they discovered that Aldi had released a strikingly similar product under the same name, with nearly identical packaging, slogans, and flavours.

So, why does this matter in the world of branding and marketing?

It’s about more than just protecting intellectual property; it’s about fairness and respect for the hard work and creativity that small businesses pour into their products. In an industry dominated by big players, small businesses rely on their unique offerings and brand identity to stand out from the crowd. When those efforts are undermined by copycat tactics, it not only hurts the bottom line but also erodes trust and goodwill among consumers. It can also damage a good reputation. People will vote with their wallets.

In this case, I hadn’t heard of this brand or Freeze Cakes but I have now and I really want the real thing! Supporting small businesses is key for me in this case. Taking a look at Pleese’s socials and they have capitalised on this and doing a sterling effort. While Aldi has championed smaller players in the past, their actions in this instance leave a sour taste in the mouth, highlighting the double standard at play in the world of business.

As consumers, we have the power to vote with our wallets and support businesses that uphold principles of fairness and integrity. While the outcome of this David and Goliath battle remains to be seen, one thing is clear: small businesses like Pleese deserve to be celebrated and protected, not overshadowed by corporate giants.

So, the next time you reach for a dessert in the freezer aisle, remember the story behind the product and the people who poured their passion and creativity into bringing it to life.

Pop over and give Pleese a follow and show them some support and I will be following this case with interest:

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New in Marketing? No Problem! Find Your Wings with Our Expert Mentorship

New in Marketing? No Problem! Find Your Wings with Our Expert Mentorship

Are you new to the world of marketing or feeling a bit lost? Don’t fret! We’ve got your back. Whether you’re a small business owner juggling marketing amidst your myriad of tasks or diving into a new career in marketing, Creationz Marketing is here to be more than just an agency—we’re your mentors, your guides, and your partners in success.

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15 Years on LinkedIn: Where has the time gone!

15 Years on LinkedIn: Where has the time gone!

LinkedIn recently sent me a message that I’ve been a member of the platform for 15 years. It was a surprising reminder of how time flies and how LinkedIn has transformed over the years. From my early days on the platform to the vibrant professional hub it is today, my journey on LinkedIn has been like a rollercoaster – full of ups and downs. It has been a faithful friend from working in-house to setting up Creationz Marketing in 2013. It has had its uses and I have connected with people who I consider friends.
The Early Days: Let’s be honest, back in the day, LinkedIn was primarily a digital CV site for recruiters. It was a place to list your work history, connect with colleagues, and endorse each other’s skills. It was, in essence, an online business directory. And I must admit, I used it rather passively.
The Rise of Content: Fast forward a few years, and LinkedIn underwent a significant transformation. It became clear that this platform was more than just a place to showcase your CV. It was a dynamic space for sharing insights, industry news, and personal experiences. Quality content became the currency of influence.
Video Takes Centre Stage: One of the most noticeable shifts was the rise of video content. Suddenly, professionals were sharing not just written posts but also videos offering a glimpse into their work lives. It was a game-changer, adding a personal touch to the platform.
The Remote Work Revolution: The past couple of years brought about an unforeseen change – the widespread adoption of remote work. LinkedIn became the virtual place to have conversations, where professionals shared their remote work experiences, tips, and challenges. It connected people across continents like never before. It also seemed to help businesses lose the stuffiness, just like the removal of ties and full-on business suits.
Thought Leadership Emerges: LinkedIn has also witnessed the emergence of thought leadership. Professionals began using the platform to establish themselves as experts in their fields. It’s not just about job titles; it’s about the valuable insights you bring to the table.
Building Communities: LinkedIn Groups and communities have gained prominence. These spaces foster discussions, networking, and learning. They’ve become hubs for professionals with shared interests to connect and collaborate.
Looking Ahead: So, what’s next for LinkedIn? As we celebrate 15 years of utilising the network (still don’t know where that time has gone), we can expect the platform to continue evolving. It is never going to stand still. More videos, more community engagement, and more opportunities for professionals to connect and grow.
LinkedIn isn’t just a platform; it’s a community of like-minded individuals on a professional journey together. Here’s to the next 15 years.
Cheers to LinkedIn!