Why It Is Important to Receive Testimonials for your Business!

Testimonials and reviews are extremely important to the success of any business. They help you to build relationships and are the basis of a potential new customer’s first engagement with your company. Having customer reviews for your business every step of the way is vital to improve traffic and enquiries – this leads to more sales – especially Google Reviews.

A testimonial or review is a recorded statement of a customer’s reflection on how credible your level of expertise is. They also build your reputation by mentioning the services you have given them and how trustworthy you are by saying if they would recommend you to others. This helps other potential customers see a bit about you before they contact you about your services.

A good testimonial can go a long way to set your business apart from competitors 

Dealing with Negative reviews:

Testimonials are an extremely powerful tool in a positive way even when the review isn’t what you were hoping for. I think it’s definitely a strong argument that you can’t please everyone when it comes to business. Negative reviews are a learning opportunity that a lot of companies miss. 

When a customer is not overly pleased with your product / service then it shows what kind of company you are with the way in which you deal with the negative complaint. It might seem like a massive kick in the teeth when you get a bad review. When you first see the review, you may get defensive about it, but the worst thing you can do is to start a dispute even if you believe you did everything right. Working to apologise and make sure processes are in place to respond correctly to negative reviews can really help boost your customer service journey.

How to ask for Testimonials…

Getting a customer to leave a review can sometimes be tricky as most are not sure of the process on how to leave their feedback on your services. So, making this process simple for them could be somewhere to start. Here are 5 simple ideas:

  1. Use the back of your Business Card to give them some direction. List the options that they have to leave a review.
  2. Create a Feedback Form that you could give them when you finish the job or send through the post with a prepaid envelope for them to return it.
  3. Follow Up Emails can also be a form of feedback. Asking them how they like your product and how it’s made their life easier in some way.
  4. Use Social Media to publicise your feedback capability and share pictures of work you a have done. Be sure to ask the clients permission first.
  5. Your Website is another place you could use. If you don’t have a leave feedback section, then talk to your developer as you could be missing a trick.

I hope this give you an idea of the importance of reviews for your business. No matter the size of your company, gaining a testimonial from a customer can show other potential clients who you are and what you are like.

Kickstart your testimonial process today and see the results!

Claire & Chris