As the Covid-19 pandemic continuous to evolve – it has become apparent that it has affected all businesses in some way. Start-ups and small businesses, which often run on a reduced budget, have experienced supply disruption and reduced demand for products/services as a result of the outbreak.

If you are an SME who is feeling the effects of the global pandemic, think about ramping up your blogging efforts to get your business moving during these troubled times. Before you start writing, make a list of all the questions your clients normally ask you – could these be made into blogs?

Within this article, I will discuss the various reasons as to why your business should continue to write blogs during today’s current climate.

  1. A Blog Will Increase Traffic To Your Website

Businesses that blog on a regular basis have a 55% increase in website traffic compared to that of a business that doesn’t (Websolution). A large proportion of your blog readers will come from your current customer base; however, a blog is a great way of attracting new visitors to your website. With this increased traffic to your site, you can act accordingly and target this new reader with relevant marketing, with the end goal of converting this reader into a customer.

This is where you need to think about your blog title – 5 Ways, How To and Benefits of are all great ways to start your blog.

  • It Will Improve Your Websites SEO

Covid-19 has speeded up the shift to the digital world. Customer’s behaviour has changed, and they are no longer visiting stores to buy products without conducting prior research about the products/services. Due to this, when customers are looking for a specific product/service, your company needs to rank on the top of search results.

Publishing blogs on a regular basis will dramatically improve your website’s search engine optimisation, keeping your site current and fresh. Think about the keywords your clients use, they may be different from what you think, and make sure you use them all in the correct way – don’t over spam!

  • Helps To Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is an old yet reliable and effective way of reaching your target audience. Nearly 70% of people between the age of 18-34 prefer companies to communicate with them through email (MarketingSherpa research). However, in order for an email campaign to be effective there is a need for a long list of subscribers. Blogging is a fantastic way of growing this list. If you are able to ensure your blogs are interesting and insightful your readers are likely to subscribe and as a result, provide their email.

Make sure you give your readers an opportunity to sign up to your mailing list or download a free guide on every blog.

  • Blogs Demonstrate Leadership Within an Industry

A well-structured, insightful and regularly updated blog that addresses the issues that affect the industry is a great way of gaining trust from your customers. When you share useful content on a regular basis, people are going to begin to notice you. If you are able to continue producing this content and stay a reliable source of information, you are going to be perceived as an expert in your particular field. During these troubling times there are a vast number of opportunities to produce intriguing content to win the trust of your audience.

  • A Blog Will Keep Your Current Audience Engaged

A blog is a great way of keeping your current customer base engaged with your brand. Once an individual has made a purchase it is important to try and retain this customer and ensure you make them feel valued. A blog is a great way of doing this by sharing value, it can be used as a tool to keep them interested by offering content including offerings, helpful tips and company news to give them an insight into the brand.

  • An extra Tip – Blogs Make Great Social Media Content

Your latest blog post is an ideal piece of content to share on social media. Most people will share their blog once on social media – think about sharing it at different times & different days of the week on different platforms and don’t forget Pinterest (that’s another blog)

In conclusion, when supply becomes expensive and demand becomes uncertain, it is important to look for new methods of generating leads to ensure your business stays afloat. With these uncertain times, blogging can be a cost-free method of ensuring your business stays current and in the mind of the consumer.

Take 30 minutes today and see what topics you could write about for your business.

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