Could outsourced marketing help my business?

Could outsourced marketing help my business?

We are often asked what are the benefits of an outsourced marketing team so we thought we would put this quick guide together to look at some of the benefits.

What is outsourced marketing?

Outsourcing is simply having a third-party company involved. An outsourced marketing team can be used in addition to an in-house team for a particular skill or support your business whilst you develop the need for an in-house team.

We become your marketing team and help get your marketing activities off the ground!

Benefits of outsourced marketing:

  • Flexible Support

There are many benefits to outsourced marketing, a major one being you’re not held to a long-term commitment. Marketing support can be flexible to support your needs and budget and allow you to grow and adapt. Marketing should not stop still.

If you are looking to start marketing for the first time, you can outsource the activities to get you up and running and then work with us until you need to develop an inhouse service.

At Creationz, we help support businesses develop their in-house team and provide a coaching and mentoring service to support where possible.

  • Cost-Effective

Another benefit, linked to flexible support, is that outsourced marketing can be a lot more cost-effective than employing a staff member – especially if you do not need anyone full-time. Therefore, it saves you a lot more money and once your marketing is up to speed you can easily assess what your needs are – more outsourced support or it is time to employ someone.

Outsourced support also allows you to try new services with a small-time frame to see if it could be beneficial – email marketing, blog writing, and social media support spring to mind.

  • Training

By having an outsourced marketing team, you do not need to train an employee or send them on regular courses to widen their skills, as you will have access to experienced marketers – often with a wealth a knowledge to help you shape and define your marketing activities.

Marketing is moving at a very fast pace so you can be assured you are keeping up.

  • Outsiders Perspective

It is very valuable having an outsider’s perspective for the business as they might spot an opportunity you may have missed or not thought of.

Also, often companies carry out the same marketing activities as they have always done, and a fresh pair of eyes can help spot new opportunities.  Working on the business instead of the business and give a fresh perspective.

How can it help my business?

Outsourced marketing can really help your business if you don’t’ have the expertise in-house. We are able to work for you if you already have too much to do without taking on marketing activity, we take the pressures off you.

Outsourcing your marketing will show you what is needed, what budget is required and how you can get the results you need. 

We run our services to add value to any client we work with and take great pride in seeing businesses succeed.

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