What is BeReal?

What is BeReal?

BeReal is the latest social media app (yes, there’s another new one…) however, this one is different to the others! For a start, it currently doesn’t give you the option to share stories and it also encourages users to share an authentic, in the moment, unedited version of themselves online.

So, how does BeReal work?

The idea of BeReal is super simple. Once you have the app, you get a daily notification telling you that it’s time to “BeReal.” You then have a couple of minutes to capture and share and photo of what you’re doing, in that moment. If you post after the two minutes are up it shares how late you were posting, so no cheating and waiting until you’re doing something exciting.

The notification comes at a different, random time every day, adding to the app’s authenticity.

The app has no editing or filter features, you can simply snap and upload.

You also have the option to comment or react with a “RealMoji” on posts shared by others. The “RealMoji” works in a similar way to reactions on Facebook, but uses a selfie of you captured in the app rather than an emoji.

Why is BeReal popular now?

There are said to be many reasons it is particular popular, especially amongst Gen Z:

  • You can only see posts shared by others if you have posted yourself that day, meaning only those engaged with the app can use it, this means there is a lot less uninteresting content to scroll through.
  • It’s a lot less polished than other forms of social media such as Instagram as users are not incentivized by likes or engagement.
  • The app promotes a filter free and less toxic relationship with social media than we are used to being promoted in 2022.

Are you using BeReal? We’d love to know your opinion of the app! Get in touch with us info@creationzmarketing.co.uk