Placement Experience at Creationz Marketing

Placement Experience at Creationz Marketing

Jasmin Saimbi joined Creationz Marketing in September 2019 as part of a placement scheme through Nottingham Trent University. She is going to talk about her experience partaking in an Internship for the first time.

Jasmin Saimbi, East Midlands Chamber Member, Creationz Marketing, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

About Jasmin:

I study Business Management and Marketing and Nottingham Trent University which is a 4-year course and requires a placement year after 2nd year. I was very unsure in what area of career I wanted to go down therefore I changed my course which required a placement, to gain some experience, and for it to hopefully give me an idea of what I enjoy. When applying for a placement, I left it quite broad to Management/Marketing roles.

I have only previously had experience in retail, therefore I decided I needed to start somewhere. I carried out a lot of research and came across Creationz Marketing. This company really stood out to me as it is an independent business, and I thought instead of going for a big company I would be able to get more involved in a smaller company. I also wanted to support a local business and see how things work when starting up a business.

The placement

During my placement, I was provided with a fantastic opportunity to experience working first hand with a variety of different types of clients who all operate in different sectors ranging from Professional Services, Education, Manufacturing, Trades, Charities, Hobbies & Interests, new business start-ups, and businesses looking to grow.

This placement has also required a lot of communication, from Networking to meeting up with clients, and answering phone calls, these have all have built my confidence more and more on a daily basis. I have had a number of calls and meetings with clients regarding enquires, this has been a key learning experience for me as I have had to deal with a number of different scenarios and I know how to take control of the situation.

A big skill I have picked up is how to use new/different software. This is especially important as in this role I am using different software regularly in order to carry out tasks outside of the usual packages.

A major key learning experience for me is dealing with the Coronavirus. Unlike most businesses that may have shut or employees have been furloughed, we are still business as usual as our services are all online. This has taught me how to make the most out of working from home and not getting distracted, I have had to take on a lot of responsibility on my own with only online communication with my manager.

The placement has not only helped me decide what direction I want my career to go in after I graduate, but it has also helped enhance my CV. I have had the opportunity to have a year’s experience in marketing which future employers will see value to and therefore put me at an advantage over other candidates. I feel I have benefited the most as I have had experience from a small company, therefore I have experienced everything first hand, being able to be part of decision making and involved within meetings which I would not have the opportunity if I was working for a large firm.

Creationz Marketing Internship for 2020 is open now – send your CV to – Internship commences 1st September 2020.