Millenial Marketing – Creationz creates partnership with NTU to nurture future talent

Millenial Marketing – Creationz creates partnership with NTU to nurture future talent

Creationz Marketing has announced a strategic partnership with Nottingham Trent University as part of its mission to help develop the marketing talent of the future. 

Claire explains;

‘I formed Creationz Marketing in 2013 with the ethos of providing realistic, affordable marketing consultancy and social media facilitation to businesses who may not have their own marketing team in place.

‘As the business and our client base has grown, so too has our range of services and I wanted to be able to add fresh ideas and energy into the team and into our clients’ campaigns. I had looked at various apprenticeship schemes but felt the real value would be in creating a year-long internship for talented undergraduates seeking real-world marketing experience and approached Ben Topping at Nottingham Trent University to discuss this.

‘Ben and his team have been brilliant in working with us to create a very fulfilling experience for the students, which began when Jasmin Saimbi joined us as a Marketing Assistant in late 2019. Jasmin has been fantastic to work with and her input into client campaigns and indeed into the placement that we have created has been invaluable. I would urge more small businesses to think about how they can work more closely with our universities and colleges as everyone can benefit from this.’

Benjamin Topping, business advisor in the Employability team at Nottingham Trent University said;

‘Our aim is to develop our networks within the business community and we’re known for the employability of our graduates. That reputation is built on a strong track record of meeting the needs of employers – through the quality of our students and the quality of our services. 

‘The focus is on real-world thinking, bringing together the latest cutting-edge research and best practice from the world of business and it has been great to work with Claire on putting together a framework for this for our marketing undergraduates. Jasmin has blazed a trail for her peers and we look forward to working with Creationz Marketing on developing this exciting business relationship.’

Jasmin said; 

‘During my second year at NTU, I felt it would benefit my career to take a year in industry as I honestly didn’t know which routes I wanted to go down or specialise in. My Business  Management & Marketing degree was a three-year course but I felt I needed to find out what I enjoyed doing. Whether marketing, business management or something else.

‘I wanted to look for something where I could learn and develop my skills further, especially in digital marketing. No two days are the same and working for a smaller company has allowed me to get more involved with clients, decision making processes and networking, which has helped to build my confidence loads.’

Applications are now open for Creationz Marketing’s next internship, starting in September 2020.

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Is Google My Business Worth My Time?

Is Google My Business Worth My Time?

100% YES – try it today and see for yourself.

We are big fans of Google My Business (GMB) as it is a really powerful tool to improve local search engine optimization. It still surprises me the number of businesses not using it – and if they are, they are not using it correctly. Be honest, how are you using it?

Get your business on the local map today by setting up and reviewing your profile. Simply visit Google My Business today.

I have been working on a number of Google My Business Accounts this week and really helping clients to see the benefits that this platform has to offer. Once we can explain the benefits and show the advantages, we can often see the penny drop. If I told you that you could improve your website visibility at No cost and all that is required is a minimum of 10 minutes per week – would you do it? With a little time investment and regular updates the benefits speak for themselves:

Benefits of Google My Business:

  • It’s free to use – little time required to update it properly
  • Easy to use – no technical knowledge needed
  • Increases visibility of your website
  • Gets you noticed on the local map
  • Increases traffic & phone calls
  • Ability to share posts, giving clear direction for all the services you offer
  • Promote events and offers clearly on the front page of Google

If you are looking to get ahead with local marketing then it is worth spending time on Google My Business. It is also worth pointing out that the old premise of “little and often” is a mantra we try and pass on to clients as the results are stronger and longer lasting than a one-hit-wonder.

Our Top Google My Business Tips:

1: Claim and Set up Your Profile
2: Add Posts Regularly
3: View Your Insights – Know Your Numbers
4: Set up Messages on your phone

5: Make it a part of your weekly Marketing activity plan

Google My Business Masterclass

Google My Business Training, Creationz Marketing, Nottingham

When: 18th February 2021
Time: 9.30am -12.30am
Where: Virtual – Join us from the comfort of your home / office

Still not sure if Google My Business is for you? Join us for our next 1/2 day course on the 18th February where we go into a lot of detail and show you the benefits

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